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Nikitin Dheer : His Saturn planet is a little weak, which restricts his fame in spite of doing aDisplaying Nikitin Dheer.jpg large amount of work. But this year, I see him progressing and doing more regional films; maybe in South. Also, he will do some reality show, mostly after March. He should probably start doing Shani Puja for the betterment of his career. His personal life is stable, so I don’t see any problem there. He is a little secretive and reserved in nature regarding his personal life.

Jyotsna Chandola : I don’t see her taking any calls or decisions as far as her personal life is concerned; especially taking Displaying Jyotsna Chandola solo.jpgany call in regards to having a baby. She will take her time. She has got a very strong Venus, so her career is good in the media. She had an early marriage but her Jupiter is weak, so her fame is restricted. On Thursdays, she should do Jupiter puja. She should also pray to Sai Baba which will help her increase her fame.

Displaying Laksh (9).jpg


LakshI see his career being regular this year because he is ruled by the Sun planet. He should try and offer water to the Sun God, or try and please the Sun God in some way. I don’t see him focusing on his personal life — Even if he is thinking of a relationship; it won’t be serious at the moment. He sees a better scope in his career post-March.


Karan Wahi : This year looks good for him on the career front. His Mars planet is little weak which is why he doesn’t see a stability in his career. He will see a lot of ups and downs, but his career will see more of an upward wing this year. His decisions for marriage and relationships are little delayed, but he could think of a relationship post June. However, chances of marriage look slim. While he could get in to a relationship;  for it to materialize into marriage will be a little difficult because his Mars is a little weak.


Krrip Kapur Suri : His Mercury is powerful, and he has got a good Venus. But unfortunately, right now I see his Venus is running little weak. That is why is career is little down. He is reserved about his personal life and doesn’t open up about it. I see a little trouble period for him between May and July on the personal front and even on the career front. So, he needs to be little careful during that time.


Anirrudh Displaying Aniruddh Dave (8).JPGDave : His Jupiter is running in a favorable position from the last 6 months, so he will continue that phase this year. He will continue to benefit in his career as well. Financially too, it will be a good year for him, as he might even do some alternative business. I don’t really see any problem on the personal front for him since he is quiet stable in his marriage. Planning for a baby can be on the cards post July. He needs to be careful with some health issues regarding his back and knees.




Ssudeep Sahir : This year sees a change in his career. It’s a more auspicious time for him career-wise. His show will bring him a good amount of fame and success or at least it will give him more

recognition. His personal life is quiet stable, so I don’t see any problem on that front. He is in a happy, settled marriage so there is no tension there and he continuous to stay dedicated to his son.


Asmita Sood : Her Venus planet is a little weak, so she might have a bit of trouble on her career front. She will be focusing on her personal life this year. Her moon is also weak, which is why she has not got that much of fame or success. Even if she gets into some show, it will take a couple of months for her to get into the show business. So, I see her success growth to be a little restricted.




Ravi Dubey : His fame will continue to grow this year. His show has a chance of running to an end, but whatever it is, he will benefit in his career and he will remain happy. His money planets are very powerful which includes his moon planet, his Jupiter and Sun. His career growth is very good. I see him focusing more on films this year. And hopefully, the time after March or April will be positive for his career in films. He needs to be a little careful about his health. In his personal life, it all looks good. He is a dedicated husband and a good life partner so there is no issue regarding the personal front.



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