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Jason ThamUntitled-1

Well I feel the decision would make a difference as people would easily identify the rapist and take precautions instantly. But, the mark should be made visible no matter how hard the rapist tries to hide it, like on the neck or somewhere close to the face or eyes. This would alert people. This should be done and passed as a law.

Ankit Gera

It’s a good idea to tattoo the rapist who rapes a minor. Social embarrassment may set an example to deter others from thinking of raping someone.



Amal SehrawatUntitled-1
A shameless person who can rape a minor might not be affected by tattoo, he should be castrated.



Ssharad Malhotraa
A tattoo mark would help in recognizing the person for sure and cause him lot of social embarrassment. When you are publicly identified for your mistake it surely hurts. Why only for raping a minor every person who rapes anyone should be tattooed.


Untitled-1Vivek Mishra

It’s a mental condition. It would help to identify the culprit. They should be also castrated and that would solve the problem at the root level.

Tinaa DattaaUntitled-1
Tattoo would be a less of a punishment. The rapist photo should be published on the front page of newspaper everywhere so that the person feels ashamed.



Untitled-1Mohammad Nazim
A rapist should be tattooed with the caption “rapist” below the eyes so that would not only make identification easy but also make him feel the guilt

Vishal SinghUntitled-1
A rapist can’t be forgiven. He should be tattooed for sure at a prominent location say-forehead with blue color so one can easily notice him.




Rishina Kandhari

Tattooing a rapist is a good idea surely. The culprit should be publicly disgraced to set an example.



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