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The popularity of reality shows in the last decade and half has brought so many youngsters to our home clamoring for their share of fame .As we watch them displaying their prowess in various fields be it dancing, singing or acting, it all boils down to one thing and that is cut throat competition, as each one vies for the coveted trophy, prize money and other add-ons. We see so many youngsters putting their studies on a back burner as they participate in these shows, only the fear of being eliminated as the show progresses sans one. They go through rigorous rehearsals, not all have the physical and mental strength to cope with the pressure associated with these shows. They leave no stone unturned to showcase their talent. With no willingness to point towards any particular show; I wonder whether a couple of months of exposure to the arc lights and the glamour that comes with it is more important than the gradual development of a normal child?

On one hand we have psychologists sensitizing us on not pressurizing the young minds and letting them learn their lessons with a free mind .The academicians are working out syllabi to encourage stress free education till grade ten. The corollary to this is the over ambitious parents goading their children to make a mark in the creative world. There is no doubt about the dearth of talent in these young children, but that fear of being eliminated every weekend must weigh heavily on these young and fragile minds as they go out and perform week after week. Being talented and honing their creative skills definitely does not entail living under a dark cloud of elimination. Let these young buds be allowed to bloom under the tutelage of their parents and gurus; when the time ripens they will shine on their own.

I do not wish to put down any specific channel, but it would be more humane if one would just pause and think of the quantum of stress hormones liberated in these young bodies and the emotional upheaval these young participants go through.

As we see them performing with their best smiles on, let us not forget the tears they might have to shed while all this was being prepared and recorded. On a personal level I strongly feel about the undue mental pressure these children are put under. They do get a platform to showcase their talent, a few might even be lucky to get commercial breaks too, but at the end of the day how many are lucky enough to get it? Do we really want to see nine to twelve year old struggling with dress rehearsals, make-up and other pressures or would like to see the same innocent child singing or dancing freely in the familiar and warm surroundings of their homes till they are mature enough to face the big bad world?

The ball is in your court!!!

  • Manveen Mann, Jalandhar



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