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Monday to Friday at 12 PM, TUM BIN JIYA JAYE NA is of ROMANCE GENRE. Simran is a young, beautiful, sensitive Punjabi girl who lives with her father Baldev Singh and mother Gayatri and siblings. Baldev Singh’s best friend Virendra Singh and his wife Sukhi and children Ishan, Ranvir and sister Akansha also live in the same village. Virendra decides to settle in the city and expand his business. But before going, the two friends do a ‘roka’ of their two kids Simran and Ishan, sealing their friendship into a relationship. Time passes and the two children grow older in their respective environment. Simran still loves Ishan and is eagerly waiting to get married to him, keeping the ‘doll’ given to her during their childhood engagement, with her and nurturing the childhood dream. But Ishan having studied abroad forgets all about the engagement in his childhood and gets involved with an NRI girl Tanya and brings her home. All hell breaks loose. Virendra is ashamed of telling his friend about Ishan’s betrayal. Finally he shares his agony and after the initial shock, Baldev calms down and agrees to the proposal of Virendra, that Simran should get married to Ranvir, the younger but more mature son and come to his family as the bahu of ‘Singh parivar’. The story is about Simran’s broken heart, and Ranvir’s sensitivity towards Simran. Story is about the difference in the siblings, one who is selfish and helpless in the hands of his own fate, and other who is mature and sensitive. Ranvir falls in love with Simran although he promises to free her after some time. Simran discovers a friend in Ranvir and feels secure with him.Would Ranvir and Simran fall in love with each other? Does she stay in the marriage? Does she forget Ishan? Or does she walk away, to live her own life, alone…?

Monday to Friday at 12:30 PM ADHIKAR… EK KASAM EK TAPASYA is a Program of SOCIAL DRAMA GENRE. This is the story of Nandani, a very sparkling, vivacious and bubbly young girl, daughter of a rich landlord living in a Haweli of their own in a small town in Haryana. Father Ram Prakash and his wife Aruna have brought up and educated their daughter with broadmindedness and imbibed the tradition and values of the family with self-assurance, dignity and poise. She falls in love with Dev who is a son of a family where rituals and customs are having more say. Nandani knows that she was stepping in to a family that is governed by her superstitious mother-in-law, Kamini Singh. Whatever she proclaims is treated as law in the household. And this time Nandani becomes the victim of Kamini’s ordain because she announces that the couple will not be allowed to meet till the next full moon. Nandani has come from a family where superstitions are ridiculed and rejected. However, during this period of fifteen days she gets chance to interact with females in the house. She finds that Neeru is the most wronged in the family because of her husband who is not just a habitual drinker but also has an extramarital affair of which Neeru is well aware. She is silently bearing all injustice done to her. However, before the full moon when Nandani goes for pug phera Kamini plays the card of Kulguru and asked Nandani not to come back home but Nandani comes back before full moon on her own but Kulguru again proclaims that the couple should not consummate another 6 months. Nandani expects the challenge for 6 months. In these six months many incidents happen in the house. It’s a fast, pacy story about how Nandini through her progressive thinking, changes the shackles of archaic values of her in laws’ family and holds them together. With stalwarts like Raza Murad, Sunil Pal, Pankaj Beri and fresh young faces, the social drama promises to touch many issues marring the sanctity of family harmony.

Monday to Friday at 1 PM HUMNAWAAZ is a ROMANCE/SOCIAL DRAMA. Humnawaaz is the story of two families, of different communities, cultures and thoughts- the Raghvans and the Chautalas. Sarojini Raghvan, the daughter of the Raghvan family falls in love with Raj Chautala from the Haryanvi Chautala family. But as it happens, the families donot support their love and react ferociously against their blossoming love. The story is about the pure, fearless and deep love of two people, who don’t believe in caste, creed and class differences. The young couple carve a path of their own. Where Sarojini chooses to live a difficult path, to break away from the shackles created by society and her family, Raj not only supports her and walks with her on the thorny path, hand in hand, but also goes against his very powerful but feudalistic , political family. The couple are a symbol of the modern generation, that questions the age old fashioned traditions. Both the youngsters, not only push their ego away and support each other in the fulfillment of their dreams, but also set an example for the young generation, to never forget their duties for their family and society. The story also focuses on the ills of society like rapes, atrocities against women and gender equality

Monday to Friday at 1:30 PM UMEED NAYI SUBAH KI is a SOCIAL DRAMA. Based on Sahitya Award Winning novel ‘ Diwaro Ke Paar Akash’. Umeed Ki Nayi Subah is a simple story about certain questions asked repeatedly in today’s modern age about the rights and status of women. It is the story of a girl called Vasudha who sees the world through a different eye, and views the life of a woman differently. She wants to write a book on the life of a woman. In her own way she raises questions on the fabric of Indian society, the warp and weft created on traditions, values and mores, where a ‘woman’ is forced to sacrifice and give away her freedom in the name of being ‘weak’ or a ‘goddess’. She wants to know why on the birth of a male child, celebrations take place, whereas, a woman doesn’t have even the right to use her name after marriage! Why should a girl be ‘given away’ ( kanyadaan)even in this day and age? Through Vasudha’s story the writer wants to ask many relevant questions that relate to the present times. Vasudha wants to become a pilot, but she ends up becoming a housewife, always doing household chores, and remaining frustrated. The story traces the lives of many women around Vasudha and tries to ask some very pertinent questions.



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