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Like Bollywood movies, Indian TV serials are also stepping into bold scenes to add more spice and drama to the show. Small Screen asks its few readers that how much is it acceptable in this modern era!

Promila, Media Personality

TV is a living room medium. It is watched by all especially when everyone is sitting together. But when vulgar content or bold scene is shown on channels it becomes a little uncomfortable for the family members. The members try to avoid eye contact with each other.  If the remote is in the hands of parents they they try to change the channel and that situation is again very uncomfortable for the members. I feel TV programmes should not include such bold scenes

Kapil Kumar, Advocate

I still remember ‘Bade Acche Lagte Hain’ which created ripples with its smooch scene. This was criticized by many and appreciated by a few .These days locking scenes are becoming normal for Indian TV channels like MTV or Channel V. I think it should be acceptable that this is the demand of the audience that’s why producers are supplying with such content

Parveen Abrol, Social Activist

Why we should not accept? This is the reason of increasing crime when we stop children and when they ask why? We say no this is not good thing. They try to watch in our absence. It’s our responsibility to watch TV with our children and educate them. This is their job to sell the content and its up to the audience how we take the content. If we take in a positive way then there is no harm and if we take in negative way then everything is harm

Nitika, Lecturer

Belonging to 21st century it is expected to be bold and expressive in ones behavior but when it comes to the accessibility of boldness especially to the content on TV there is perhaps mixed reaction. Everyone has his personal opinion and refrain from sharing publically. So as far as the question comes to acceptance of boldness on TV the answers remain ambiguous because of the mixed fabric of the audience. The audience consisting of people of every age group can never reach to a consensus to such a sensitive issue. I feel with time we should accept


Jassi Kalra, Housewife

After finishing our household works, family sits together to watch TV programs to entertain ourselves. But today TV entertainment is mixed with vulgarity and served to the audience. If comedy shows are watched then maximum jokes have double meaning .The most amusing is when cleavages are shown .I still remember ‘Ek Hazaroon Mein Behna Hai ‘ both Jeevika and Maanvi are showing the cleavage which is not acceptable. It is a daily soap and bold scenes are not acceptable

Navreet Kaur, student

Our India is known for its culture. Overseas audience also watch TV programmes . So, bold scenes or double meaning dialogues are subverting country’s culture and morality. Such content should be discouraged as they lead people to socially disruptive tendencies. Producers add such content for the sake of TRP without thinking about its impact .This practice should be stopped to preserve our Indian culture

As told to- Mangla Sahni



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